Annual Version Updates

Something that I think is long overdue, is the ability for SketchUp to update its software without needing to do a fresh install.
Having to start fresh with setting up toolbars, extensions and render plugins is annoying.
I hope there is some plan to be able to update to a new version with a simple update.

Yes. That will be a nice feature. Of course before that can happen there will have to be a way to force extension authors to publish updated extensions before the SketchUp release since extensions often need to be updated when new versions of Ruby and/or SketchUp are released.

Yeah, I suppose that’s right.
Maybe it’s not possible when you have this sort of setup with third party contributors.

Well, I think it could be possible but I would expect that many of the authors would start charging for their extensions and plugins when they haven’t been at this point.

Personally I kind of like the migration process because it gives me incentive to do some house cleaning. I get rid of extensions I don’t use and reduced the number of toolbars that I keep out around my work space. As for templates, materials, styles, and components, those are easy enough to migrate and only take a few seconds.

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