Question on maintenance and support

I just renewed my annual maintenance and support and got to the final page. It seemed to be asking me to download SketchUp 2017 again and as far as I know my version is current.
So feel stupid asking, but do I have to download again, enter codes etc or am I good to go until the next update comes along?
Appreciate the help.

Check the Help > About dialog in SketchUp to get the full version number, then compare to that on the Release Notes page.

(It is a good idea to bookmark this page.)

It is unlikely v17 will have any more maintenance releases. (Once in a great while there might be security releases after the first quarter. But this is very rare.)

You are likely all set to get the next version (2018) which usually comes out ~ Nov, followed by MR early first quarter of the year. (Occasionally a quick MR will come out in Dec.)

Thanks very much, Dan, got it.

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