SketchUp Update 21.0.392 from 21.0.338... Fresh install?

As the title says, I noticed this evening that the updater window indicated that there is an update available for me from my current 21.0.338 version to 21.0.392. When I proceed with the update it downloads in the background and then prompts me to drag the new icon into the applications folder. Is this going to delete all my extensions? The system prompt asks if I want to overwrite the existing 2021 folder in applications which I’m paranoid to do. I can’t remember how mid-year updates are handled for any of the many many years Ive been using SketchUp, I must be getting old.

There have been some issues with letting Finder replace the 21.0.338 folder with the 21.0.392 folder. You can end up with a mixture of versions.

The safer thing to do is to drag the current Applications, SketchUp 2021 folder to trash, then drag the new folder in the disk image to Applications. After the copy, eject the disk image and open SketchUp from Applications/SketchUp 2021.

If you see more than one SketchUp icon in your Dock, one of them may be pointing to the older version. Trust the one that has the dot underneath, that shows that it’s open. You can remove any other copies of the icon from the Dock.

Your extensions and all of your settings are stored in a Library, Applications Support folder. Deleting the Applications SketchUp 2021 folder will not disturb the settings and extensions.

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