New Sketchup 2021 Update

there was just a recent update for sketchup and every time I open the file it starts downloading again. is any one having this problem?

The update doesn’t install itself. The safest order of things to do is this:

  1. Make sure SketchUp and LayOut and Style Builder are all closed.
  2. Go into Applications and drag the current SketchUp 2021 folder to Trash
  3. In the disk image window you show in your screenshot, drag the SketchUp 2021 folder onto the Applications alias
  4. When the copying is finish, eject the disk image (you can right-click in an empty part of the window and eject from the contextual menu, or use the File menu).
  5. Open SketchUp from inside Applications, and inside the new SketchUp 2021 folder.

In the SketchUp menu, About Sketchup, it should show this version after those steps:


thank you