Repeatedly Telling me to Update to a New Version


I’ve been having this problem for some time now…

I go to open a project in SketchUp Make 14 and I get the message that there is a new version of SketchUp Make 14 available and forces me to go through the download and install process before I am able to work again… even though the new download is the exact same version previously installed.


I’m on my own MacBook Pro logged in as the admin.

Thank you.


What version does the About dialog report?
Any chance that the installer download has been cached by the browser and you’re getting the old installer?



@Tommy - heard of this before?


This may be related to a similar issue that we’ve heard about a few times. Nothing that we could replicate in house, though. @pazzmore, do you still get the prompt when you select SketchUp > Preferences > General > uncheck Automatically check for updates?


I’ll make the change and report back. It often takes a day or so before it demands the download.


Changing that setting did not work. Same results.


May have just found something. It seems that if I run the program first, before double clicking on a file, it seems to function without the download demand.

If Sketchup isn’t running, and I double click a file, the message pops up after the program has started and opened that particular file.

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