Sketchup 2018 - Section plane/ System preferences freezes sketchup

I7 with quadro k3000m, Windows 10

Sketchup freezes for hours with from clicking on section plane, tested using a fresh untitled file with nothing but Stacy model on origin. No prompt for bug splat just locks and have to ctrl-alt-Del and end task. Other instances of program will not freeze, the one with section plane created is the only one that freezes. Also going into system preferences freezes the program in the same way. Uploaded plugin list if that may be a cause. I have also tried repairing installation which does not work.

for the issue

I have also reinstalled sketchup again after uninstalling and also repaied, Other things I have done is to also rename the plugin folder to troubleshoot the problem, program is still freezing

Figured out the popup window for section plane and preferences was trying to display in a monitor that didn’t exist, turned off extend displays and closed out program. then reopened program after mirror monitor was set, fixed the problem.

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