Sketchup 2018 Hidden Line Bug exporting DWG

Dear Friends & Sketchup Team
I exported a SKP file to DWG with the same settings in SKP PRO2018 & 2017. But the result is different in Sketchup pro 2018 than Sketchup pro 2017. It seems 2018 can not keep the hidden lines (or smoothed ones) out of exported DWG.! The problem only occurs when the “Display Section Fill” is active. Seems to be a bug. Any idea how to sort it out?

Well, you sorted it out yourself :slight_smile: :

In the mean time, it is best to provide some more details and a file where you see this behavior.
Did you make the file in version 2017 and opened it in 2018 or vice versa?. With the new version there are some (default) style settings changed, so maybe it has something to do with it. Can you upload a sample file?

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