SketchUp 2017 Update - 17.2.2554 (Mac 64-bit) - PowerPC applications are no longer supported

Upon opening SketchUp this morning, I received the notice that there was an update available. When lunchtime came and I had some time, I figured I’d do the update quickly.

Downloaded the DMG, opened it, and did the installation. Once everything installed, I went to run SketchUp and got the message "You can’t open the application “” because PowerPC applications are no longer supported.” The SketchUp icon has the circle and slash through it as a

SketchUp 17.1.173 (Mac 64-bit) was working fine. It has been a week since the update was released, so I figured that any obvious errors would have been straightened out by now. Layout and Style Builder work, just not SketchUp itself. I’m running a Mac mini (Early 2009), 2Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, NVidia GeForce 9400 256 Mb, 8Gb RAM, OSX El Capitan Version 10.11.6.

OS X gets confused sometimes when an installer contains a folder of applications - it is triggered to update its internal databases when applications are copied, but this mechanism doesn’t work properly when a folder of applications is copied.

Try re-downloading the installer to make sure there were no issues with the download. Then, when you open the installer, drag to a different location than usual - for example, put it on the Desktop. Run it from there once to make sure it works, then move it to where you actually want to install it (/Applications/SketchUp 2017, for instance).


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Here’s a much more comprehensive thread about it. I found this by searching the forum for “power pc”

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Thank you, Marc. Rebuilding Launch Services did the trick. Everything is back up and running now.

I had followed this LINK from the Troubleshooting Page, but it didn’t mention the Launch Services issue. I had also searched the forums here, but figured that it was an issue with the recent update so I didn’t get back far enough to find the thread you linked. I was figuring more that the wrong file got thrown in the DMG.

Excellent! Thanks for reporting back.

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