Sketchup 2017 start up problem

Hello, I have used Sketchup Make 2017 for quite a few months now but after adding LibFred06 and Round Corner I am unable to open Sketchup and get a message “Hardware accelerator is unsupported or has been disabled on your graphics card”. I have uninstalled Sketch up 2017 and loaded 2016 which seems to work. Why cannot I use 2017 anymore?

a Windoze update has, possibly, turned off hardware acceleration…

there are many threads about turning it back on…


Have you tried removing those extensions - even if you had to go to the plugins directory to remove/delete/temporarily rename?

SU16 uses OpenGL 2.7 while SU17 uses OpenGL 3.0. Different beasty. Also SU16 could do all rendering via the CPU if the graphics card couldn’t deliver all required OpenGL functionality while SU17 required hardware acceleration via a graphics card.

Update graphics driver recently?

Using a laptop? If so, check with your AMD control panel that the AMD card is chosen to be used for SU instead of the integrated Intel graphics chipset. Try r-clicking on the SU desktop icons for possible shortcut to pick better card for each version of SU.

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