Sketchup 2017 running incredibly slow on my MAC

I upgraded to pro 2017 from 2016 and it’s running so slow I can barely use it on my Macbook Pro. My video card is the Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB. Is there a fix for this or do I need to de-install and go back to 2016? If so, how do I download and install the old version!

Very likely the issue is caused by the graphics card.

Unless you uninstalled SU2016, it will still be on your computer. They install separately.

Hi DaveR, does that mean I need a new graphics card or is there some way to upgrade the one I have?

There is no way to change the graphics adapter in a MBP. It is soldered in. But I haven’t heard of the graphics causing performance problems .

Yes, since version 2017, OPEN GL is in version 3.0, so you have to have a best graphic card.
For me I prefer Sketchup Make 2016, but it’s my choice

That means I have to buy another license for sketchup '16. Very annoying.

You mean you didn’t already have SU2016 installed?

You’ll need to talk with SketchUp’s Customer Support and see if they will sell a license to an older version. They usually don’t.

I have it installed but my 2016 license expired and I upgraded for 2017.
My 2017 license doesn’t work for 2016. So it seems I would need to pay
again. I will try and see if they can credit me.

A SketchUp licence doesn’t “expire”, you can have multiple versions of SketchUp with their own licence information (serial number and activation code) note that each version has it’s own serial an autorisation combination. When you upgrade a licence, you will have a grace period (60 days) in which you can install the old version of SketchUp with it’s licence on a machine.

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Thanks for your help. I’m going to go back to 2016 as suggested.

Student licenses do.

Correct! And rhe cost is less then a book!

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