Sketchup Pro Version Vs Macbook Compatibility

Hello. I’m new to the Sketchup community forum and this is my 1st question.

I have a Macbook Pro with a X El Capitan OS with 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 processor and an AMD Radeon HD6750M graphics card. I am interested in installing the latest Sketchup Pro that would be compatible with this OS, processor and graphics card. In looking at the OS requirements on the Sketchup website, it appears as if the latest compatible version is 2018. Is this correct and if so, can is the 2018 Sketchup version still available for purchase?


Normally they don’t sell licenses for unsupported versions of SketchUp. You should contact Sales to see if they will make an exception, though.

As Dave is saying, you can’t buy a version of SketchUp that will work on that setup. But, if you are subscribed to the current version of SketchUp we are able to make an older version work on your system. That’s the case for now, I don’t know if we will continue to do that forever, because it’s dependent on using classic licenses, that are now a thing of the past.

One thing to think about, if you are going to use SketchUp for generating income, could some of that income be put towards buying a more recent computer? If you’re not going to use SketchUp for generating income, you could download SketchUp Make 2017 from this page, which is free, and will work on your system:

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Thank you kindly for the info and link.