Sketchup 2016 not working on MAC OS X 10.6.8

I have an older MacBook that I keep in the garage and I went to to download the latest version, installed it, and went to run it and received a message that I need a newer OS. My questions are: 1) why didn’t it download the correct version for the verison of OS that I am running and 2) why is there no way to select the correct version for my OS?

Sorry! Support for OS X 10.6 was dropped as of SketchUp 2013 and Trimble does not provide licenses for obsolete versions, so there is no “correct version” available to download for your system

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when you download any program, it has no idea if you intend to instal on that machine, or you popped down the road for a free, high speed connection, and a coffee, etc…

but they could stop you I guess…

older versions are available for Make if it’s non-Comercial use…


SketchUp Make 2013-EN f. Mac OS X

non-commercial Use only!