Why can't I download SketchUp successfully?

I belong to another website that offered a tutorial on sketch up for a small fee. It sounded interesting so I bought it. I then downloaded sketch up make but I can’t open any of it. I get a message telling me that I can’t use sketch up because my Mac Operating System is 10.8.5 and I need at least 10.9. Do I have to now spend more money and upgrade my computer? Thanks very much


You should check to see if upgrading the OSX version on your old Mac is, first, possible, and second, free. It may be.

OSX 10.8 hasn’t been supported by Apple for since Dec 14, 2014. SketchUp is only available to run on operating systems that are supported.

And if you can’t upgrade your OS you can download an older version of SU that should work with your system from Here.

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And if you cannot upgrade OSX, you can still run SketchUp 2015 Make with OSX 10.8 (ML).

Link is posted here: