Can't download SketchUp to Mac



How do download sketch up to a Mac that cannot be updated?


What can’t be updated? The operating system? What operating system does it have?

If you want help, please be specific in your questions and provide some useful information.


I’m going to make a couple of assumptions since, as noted, you didn’t provide much info to go on. First, I’m going to interpret the title to mean that you can’t find a compatible version of SketchUp to download, as opposed to that you simply can’t download SketchUp. Second, I’m going to assume that by “cannot be updated” you mean that your Mac hardware is too old to be updated to the versions of OS X supported for SketchUp 2017.

If I’m right, take a look here and see if one of the older versions of SketchUp can run on your OS:

If the latest OS X version for your hardware is even older than any of those, you are out of luck as far as official support from Trimble is concerned.


It has an ISO Operating system


Slbaumgarter you are completely right


You explain how to find the link, I cannot find it on my Mac .


Could you explain where the link is?


What does that mean? What version of OSX does your Mac have?

What link are you looking for?


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