macOS unable to update

I have a mac mini with OS X 10,11,6 and when I try to start the app I get the notification that my OS is too old. Unfortunately because my MAC mini is pre 2013 I can’t upgrade OS. Is there any other ways to run the app?
Maybe an older version that can run on OS X10,11,6?


a) macOS not iOS :wink:
b) since you’re using SketchUp Make, it’d appear to be personal use. Maybe check out

Got you on a :laughing:

Not sure what you mean on b. Please explain a bit.

SketchUp Free, which Kaiden linked to, will work in your browser and is less dependent on the operating system version. You can run it in Chrome or Firefox. Your profile indicates you are trying to use SketchUp Make so presumably you are using it as a hobbyist. SketchUp Free should work for you.

I’ll give it a try but if I remember correct it is missing a lot of tools. Am I right ?

All the native tools are there. It doesn’t support extensions but the native tools are quite powerful. It’s certainly got more tools than you have access to in SketchUp 2017 Make with your current computer.

I’m on it :+1:

Perhaps SketchUp Make 2017 can run with your OS and the Intel HD 4000 graphics …