Will Pro work on Mac OS 10.13.6?

I have a very old Mac, works perfectly so I am reluctant to change. I have Sketchup Make V17 and am desperate to upgrade to Pro. I have just downloaded the free trial but it requires 10.14 to work.

Per sketchup, the OS requirements for Pro are
Mac OS 12+ (Monterey), 11+ (Big Sur), and Mac OS 10.15+ (Catalina).

Can anyone tell me if Pro will work on 10.13.6, Sketchup help have said I require 10.15 so I am not hopeful…

Thanks so much

I had also old macbook air, 2011 year, there also 10.13 ( high siera) intel i5 & I had sketchup pro 2021 on it & it work, but what happened in your situation I dont know

pro 2022 will require 10.15.

2021 will work with 10.14
2020 will work with 10.13

MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra) - With SketchUp 2021 we no longer support MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra).

Off course, you can always try to install and see how it goes. it might work, it might crash (as we see with all the “SU22 crashing on Ventura” topics)
But if you want to be safe, it’s SU2020.