How long will mac OS 13 be compatible with SketchUp Pro 2022

I can’t using SketchUp 2022 for Mac OS 13.
I have already sent information to SketchUp Support and have a answer that not support on this version.
I want to know in the future. Can we using SketchUp 2022 with Mac Newer version OS.

I am not a Mac user, but several users have posted on the forum about success using SketchUp 2022 with MacOS Ventura. I don’t know how their setup differs from yours.

I am not superstitious, but past experience (AutoCad, Archicad) has made me wary of installing version 13 of anything :sweat_smile:


The “official” explanation about requirements and additional compatibility considerations of the current version of SketchUp can be read here:
SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements | SketchUp Help

Anyway, I don’t think the SketchUp team knows about future OS changes that are out of their hands, so I don’t think your question is appropriate here…

Usually, the SketchUp program updates are following the OS what is on the market. :wink:

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I don’t think we’ll see support until the 2023 version.

There are usually 2 big updates for SketchUp a year - New release at the start of the year and a point release mid year.
As Ventura came out after this mid year timeframe, I would expect compatibility with the next release, which is normally jan/feb

I have an error with Bugsplat when lunching SketchUp Pro 2022 on ventura

Which version of Windows 11 are you using?