Backward compatibility

Hello, I would like to know if newer SketchUp 2023 files can be opened with the latest purchase version 2021.1? And if so, will this still be the case - with versions from 2024, 25? Does anyone know?

And I would also like to know whether the 2021 version runs under MacOS Ventura 10.13?
Thank you very much!

Yes they can. There may be some features that won’t carry back but the files should open.

Probab;y but the only people who would know for sure probably can’t say. Generally Trimble employees are not permitted to speak about future features or plans.

System requirements for SketchUp 2021 indicate support for Mac OS 10.14, 10.15, and 11. It might work with 10.13, might not.

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Maybe you tried to say that they aren’t permitted to speak about future features or plans

Thanks, that sounds promising. Yes, it’s clear that new features will be lost.
And Sketchup 21 and Ventura: probably best if I install Ventura as a test first and then test compatibility myself. Because at the moment everything is running smoothly and I don’t want to risk that.
Thank you very much!

It might be a good idea to consider upgrading to SketchUp 2023 and staying current. It could save you time and headaches.

Ventura is 13
10.13 was High sierra :slight_smile: Funny enough, SU21 was more recent than 10.13 and too old for 13
Could work on both, but no official support
(I had it installed 2 month on 10.13 back then, no big issues…)

the new snaps are one of these things, a way to attach elements, new in 2023, won’t be translated in SU21.

I only concerned myself with the OPs “10.13” but you are correct.

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sorry: i mean Monterey MacOS 12.x, Ventura 13.x …
so I am afraid of loosing SU 21 when I update to Ventura.

Then don’t update the OS. It’s generally not a great idea to upgrade the operating system out from under applications you rely on for your work. It might be OK and it might not be. Depends on a lot of factors such as the exact hardware. Some people seem to be getting along fine with the newer OS but there are many reporting problems.

yes, I will install it on an external volume to test first and will report.

If you’re using time machine as a backup system, you could also upgrade your machine to ventura, and if it’s not good, simply rollback to the previous time machine save.

all you will loose is the things you did in between… ie. ventura

possibly known anyway, nevertheless: I have SU 21 now on Intel and M1 with both Monterey and Ventura and to me it seems to be even more stable on Ventura (it used to crash sometimes on MacOS12). Everything seems to be running smoothly (good!)