SketchUp 2017 launches unresponsive Internet Explorer setup

Brand new community member here. I hope I’m posting this old question in the proper place.
I’ve seen several posts about SketchUp launching the IE 10 or 11 setup box, but I cannot find a posted solution/answer. Is there any way to keep using what I have and stop this from happening?

I’m running Sketchup 2017 on Windows 10. Both my OS and IE are fully up to date. So far my only recourse is to run the task manger and force quit IE. I’ve cleared cache and cookies in that browser (I never use it).


Did you install v2017 correctly ?
Try repairing it…
Close SketchUp whilst logged into Windows as your normal user-account.
Find the v2017 installer’s exe file - usually in your Downloads folder ?
Select its icon and right-click > context-menu > “Run as administrator”
When prompted choose “Repair”.
When it’s completed restart SketchUp and see if that helped…

Installing any complex app like SketchUp in any other way can lead to all kinds of weirdness, like permissions. So never double-click an installer’s exe file to ‘run’ it, it is not the same as doing it as outlined above - even if your normal user-account has admin-powers !

Alternatively - can you run IE11 separately from SketchUp ? If not, then you might need to repair your Win10 installation ?
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Thanks so much for the quick reply.
I didn’t install as Admin. I just followed your instructions and repaired SketchUp as Admin.
IE 11 (and 10 in the past) runs fine separately, although I do not use it.
I’ll let you and the rest of the community know the results.
Thanks again!

You got me fixed up. SketchUp loads much quicker and, so far, no IE dialog.
Loving the program, and now the community.
For others having this issue, the above looks to be the solution - at least for me.
Thanks again.

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Since you brought it up, you get to choose which message is the solution!

Ahh! Thanks. I’m still very much learning this forum. I appreciate the heads-up.


Well, heck.
The repair worked for a few days, but then the IE setup windows began to reappear.
I repaired again and all was good for one day. Since then I’ve had to repair several times. This fixes it for anywhere from several hours to a couple of days.
There was a Chrome update in there somewhere but that is the only change on my computer I know of.
This is still a fix, but very temporary. Considering some of the other issues I see others are having, I’ll count myself “up and running” with daily repairs (M/L).