SketchUp 2017 Files Won't Open With Older SketchUp Viewer Versions



trying to open a model made by SU2017. The Viewer can’t open it, only says there is a problem. Files made with 2015 or 2016 are ok.

Is it only on my PC?

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Have you thought to install the new version of the viewer?


Of course it’s Viewer 2017. It only crashes with files 2017.


My mistake, of course, if you do have the most recent viewer perhaps it is set to run on the wrong Graphic Card. Is it a laptop with two cards?


I edited the title to make it clearer that this refers to the current version of the viewer.


Thank you.

Yes it is a laptop with two cards. Intel Grafics 4000 and Nvidia Gefrce 710M.
SketchUp is set to Nvidia.


Is the viewer set to use the nVidia card?


There is nothing to set like the viewer ony SU.


That is my point, Sketchup is set to Nvidia, but is the Viewer using the Nvidia?
Check the settings, or try to open the viewer using the nvidia and then load the file.

Right click on the viewer and choose the Nvidia card.


So when you click on Window>Preferences>Graphics Card Details in the viewer, what graphics card is indicated?


Added the Viewer to Nvidia = still crashes

There is nothing to set for a grafic card in the Viewer.


Although I have no use for it, I just installed the viewer and tested it with a model I created this morning in SU2017. It opens just fine for me. Clearly it’s not that the viewer won’t open SU2017 files. It must have something to do with your hardware or other settings.


Were did you download the Viewer 2017?


No doubt from the standard download all link.


Ah, it’s ok now.

Thank you.


So my original reply was correct.


So you mean you didn’t have the 2017 viewer in the first place?


Well, I got it from there before (where else?). It’s the same file size. But the Preferences are different.
Anyway it’s fine now.


But did you get it from there recently? Always check the most recent download of whatever software you are troubleshooting.
Quite few pointless replies could have been avoided.


I allways download from there and have trouble. The Viewer was downloaded three times by now.