SketchUp 2017 does not like my QuadroFX 3500 graphics card

Fellow Forum Members,
I have a Dell M90 running Windows 10. It has a Quadro FX 3500 graphics card running a 307.45 Nvidia driver. The link below has full details on the 307.45 Nvidia driver:

The Nvidia website stipulates the following: “Support for OpenGL 4.2 on the Quadro series cards and higher” It also mentions the driver is compatible with the Quadro FX 3500.

In short, I’m confused why my 2017 Sketchup won’t start. It shows an error message that my Quadro FX 3500 runs OpenGL 2.1 and that Sketchup requires OpenGL 3.0 or better.

Why if the Nvidia website tells me the 307.45 Nvidia driver installed on my Dell laptop supports up to OpenGL 4.1 is Sketchup 2017 telling me conflicting information? Is it possible to install OpenGL 3.0 as a standalone application so my Sketchup 2017 can run?

I would appreciate it very much if anyone out there can offer any opinions on how I can upgrade my laptop to run OpenGL 3.0 or better. Thanks in advance for any help.

There are newer drivers but it looks to me that your card is not supported by them. The driver you link to is more than four years old and is meant for Windows 7, 8 and Vista. There doesn’t seem to exist a Windows 10 driver for this card. It is possible that your generation of QuadroFX cards only supports OpenGL 2.0 (it is the version mentioned in the original documentation).


I have same system as yours, a big heavy lumbering dinosaur Dell M90 with Quadro FX 3500M graphics. It runs AutoCAD and Sketchup Make among other CAD on Windows 7 Ultimate, all are x86 / 32-bit versions. I “upgraded” the Windows 7 retail OS on this PC to get a Windows 10 digital entitlement, but understood there was precious little chance that Windows 10 would ever run on this PC. As for the graphics driver you’re using, I tried all drivers above 156.65 and all of them quickly bring AutoCAD and Sketchup to crashing. This system has been quite reliable since a fresh install of Windows 7 on an inexpensive SSD and FX3500M mobile drivers. Don’t waste your time toying with any FX 3500 ‘non-M’ desktop drivers. FYI if you successfully install the 156.65 driver it is indicated as in Device Manager / Display adapters / NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500M.