Sketchup 2016 loading error


Hi guys

My PC : dell precision M4600, Sketchup pro 2016, when open 1 file, the first message below show.
Please help me to kick this
Thank you very much!!


I can’t access your Google Drive file. It says “You need permission”.


this is the pic, did you see?
Thank you


Where did you get the Extrude Tools plugin from? Is it the most recent one from the Sketchucation Extension Store or have you tried to load an old one from somewhere else?
@TIG may be able to point you in the right direction.


Assuming that it was installed from the current RBZ of my ExtrudeTools v4.0 ? …
The error message seems to relate to some string encoding…
UTF-16LE to Windows-1258
The loader RB error refers to lines that do not seem to have anything to do with it…
Although the path to the folder is [attempted?[ encoded as UTF-8 - as that’s needed by Ruby…

Have you ever edited the RB file ?
I see the error relates to SketchUp v2016 - but that should be OK.
I guess from your name that you are Vietnamese ?
So perhaps your system has some obscure text encoding ?
Can you copy and paste the entire error message from that dialog…
The second half is missing !

Another issue could be that the Plugins folder referenced in the error message is in the C:/Users/Administrator/AppData tree. When installing SketchUp it should be done as your normal user-account [which can have admin-powers] and ONLY EVER by selecting the installer exe file's icon [in Downloads?] and then right-click > context-menu > "Run as administrator" You can 'Repair' an existing installation... Installing apps like SketchUp in ANY other way can cause strange unpredictable problems...


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