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on start up a dialogue box shows up “Loading error”. Not sure what this indicates. It causes lag and sometimes locks out and crashes. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software. Is Tech support closed?

Show us what the errors are exactly. Probably an extension not installed correctly.

It occurs only on a new Asus laptop computer, because the old laptop had other hardware issues but Sketchup opened up fine. So this photo sample of the “Loading Error” message just recently started on the new computer for the first time. As mentioned, I uninstall and reinstalled the software, and I’m using 2023 format of the software. When I go through the installation process there is the standard dialogue box that prompts me to check off several options, including: “style builder”, “Layout”, and “Pro-Sketchup” At the other side of the box, it shows with two more options to add in the installation, which is part of a “Studio” format, I probably for V-Ray. I already have a separate subscription with V-ray (chaos is the other title for the company). So I don’t think I need Studio, but not sure if this is affecting the loading error issue. I already submitted a work order through Trimble website. In the Extension manager a line item includes “Trimble scan essentials for Sketchup” and “Revit Importer” and not sure how Revit was installed because Revit is a different company. thanks

Just so you know, this forum is not an official source for tech support. We are a community of SketchUp users who discuss things and try to help each other. We are (mostly) not Trimble employees.

That said, quite often one or more of us will know the answer to an issue such as yours and can help you solve it.

Here’s something to try: launch SketchUp, open the Ruby Console window, quit and then relaunch SketchUp. If the issue is from a misbehaving extension there will usually be a bunch of error messages in the console.

Your load errors are coming from extensions. They are named in the error messages. Either they weren’t installed correctly or they are not supported for SketchUp 2023. How did you install them? Copying from a different machine?

You must have chosen to install the Revit Importer when you installed SketchUp. The importer is shipped with SketchUp and you get to choose to install it or not during the installation of SketchUp.

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Have you heard anything about the Sketchup home office or Tech support dept being closed or having internal technical problems. Because after submitting it an automated email is generated immediately, followed up with a live person reply the next day. There hasn’t been any reply from either. I know the forum is not set up for technical issues but assumed it might help if Tech support wasn’t available

Those messages say the problem is in the flextools extension. Check to make sure you have the latest version of the extension installed. If that’s true, you will need to contact the extension author because the code is encrypted and no one else including SketchUp support will know what is going on to cause the error.

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thanks I’ll try looking at flex tools, I do use this extension a lot for the windows and doors

Much of the SketchUp staff was off for the holiday break, but they should be back now.

thanks, I take a look at the extension and inquire with the author,

thanks, the option for Revit installation was a little confusing in the installation process because I had assumed they were a different architectural software company.

There is also an error from lattice maker saying it can’t find the utility many extensions use for localized translations. That could be a version issue too (I don’t use that extension so I don’t know).

Sounds like you need to read the available information on SketchUp Studio.

From the SketchUp site. Read the bottom.

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thanks I do use “Lattice” for windows developer in the model. I might have accidentally installed old downloads from these two extensions of Flextools and Lattice.

Are the abbreviations ( RVT, RWP, LAS/LAZ, TZF, PLY, E57) used for the installation? Is studio required for the rest of Sketchup to operate? I assume the first 3 options are enough for what I need which is “Sketchup pro”, “Style builder”, and “layout.” Sorry if I’m not understanding,

Those are various file extensions for different file types that can be imported.

Which subscription do you have? If you haven’t paid for the Studio subscription the studio features should drop out when the 7 day trial period expires.

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Only the Pro-Sketchup format. I uploaded a receipt of the purchase, but not sure if this indicates

After uninstalling Flex tools, it cleared up the model on startup and the “Loading Error” message doesn’t repeat. I reached out with an email to Flex tools author for a later format of the extension. thanks

@Yoni (linked…)


I now replied to your email with instructions to try and solve the issue.