Sketchup 2015 pro - problems with activation

First of all, I’m sorry for my english.
We have a problem with activation Sketchup 2015 PRO.
After windows reinstall, installed Sketchup 2015 PRO. First run ‘as administrator’ showed splash screen. Clicked on ‘add licence’ showed us a screen: Program cannot display webpage.
Tried to clear cache Internet Explorer, tried to open a ports on my router, tried to install new wersion of windows 8.1, tried all of suggestion from this forum. I can’t add licence. Our seller of product said, our techical support has expired, even… they do not know this problem.
I haven’t any ideas for solution. Please help.
Thx for all of your help.

greetings from Poland

Maybe Trimble no longer allows for 2015 licenses to be activated, I don’t know.

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