SKETCHUP PROV16 License Activation Issue

Hello Team,

We are facing license activation issue for sketchup pro 16. after click on add license page cannot be displayed message showing. Also tried using data dongal but still same issue. please help to resolve this issue as i want to activate license asap. using windows 7 pro os.

Error Message :

This program cannot display the webpage

Most likely causes:
•You are not connected to the Internet.
•The website is encountering problems.
•There might be a typing error in the address.

What you can try:
Check your Internet connection. Try visiting another website to make sure you are connected.

 Retype the address.  

 Go back to the previous page. 

 More information

Possibly your firewall is preventing SketchUp to access the Trimble licensing server through the Internet.

Hello ,

I have bypass the firewall and connect to internet using datastick but still same issue occoured

Where did you get the license? Perhaps you need to contact Customer Support.

Actually support end not renewed so they inform to post on forum

It’s a shame you let support end.

We here are only going to be able to guess at solutions.

• SketchUp Help Center : Can’t connect to web tools; 3D Warehouse, Extension Warehouse, Add Location and Licensing
• SketchUp Help Center : Licensing Troubleshooter
• SketchUp Help Center : License Error Messages

if SU x64 installed and nothing helps, try if the 32-bit version works.

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