Failed to add license

Hi everyone, I’m not be able to add license with an error ‘This program cannot display the webpage’ (pic attached). Have contacted Trimble but they asked me to check with my supplier but they never replied. Tried to search around the forums but did not find any solutions.

Thank you in advance.

Who did you buy the license from?

It was a brand new SU combo with VRay 3.0 purchased in June 2015 from our supplier MLST via ACA Pacific. Managed to install on another Pc previously without any problems. Removed license from existing Pc but failed to add license on another Pc (Both with Win 7 Pro).

Did you ever received licence info for the 2016 version? And activated version 2016, with it?
If so, that version is your active version and the older cannot be installed on other machines anymore.

Switch to 2016, in that case.

I just tried SketchUp 2015, and that page does work. It may not work from all countries though, where are you? You may need to use a VPN to appear to be in the US, for the page to load.

If that doesn’t work and you still have the installer, it would be worth running that again and using the Remove option, then run it again and do a completely fresh install of SketchUp.

By the way, I tested your 2015 license, and it does work.

Hi @MikeWayzovski thanks for the reply. Well it happens to both version 2015 & 2016.

Thanks @colin for the reply. Well what’s the point purchase licensed software if you must use the stealing methods like torrent kind of thing. Well I have solved the problem already. Thanks anyway.

Well I have solved the problem myself. The Trimble authorised seller support kind of useless, they can’t even solve this kind of simple problem. 3 days waited for their reply just to asked for my serial number.

What I did was, update that stupid IE from version 9 to 11 and reset Windows Socket TCP/IP Stack, restart the PC and boom! the error is gone and I managed to add the license.

To be honest I think everyone assumed you had tried updating your IE before posting the question. If you had mentioned that you had IE9 it would have been pretty clear what the issue was.

Updating IE alone did not solve the problem.

You might be upset, but they did report back. I do not know if you have a Maintenance and Support plan, a SketchUp classic license might be perpetual, but there is no garanty that the program itself will work forever on your system.