Sketchup license page not loading

I cannot add license as the page is not loading.
please help.

What version of SketchUp?

Hello @patil.hemu

Your user profile indicates you are using SU Pro version 2016. It will also be helpful to others to see exactly what you see when you attempt to access the licensing page.

You should upload a screenshot of the resulting dialogue that appears when you try to go to that page. It is likely that someone from the SketchUp Team may be able to determine the source of the problem.

Because it is not recommended to post your private email information publicly in a thread on the Forum, you should send a PM with that information to me by clicking on my avatar and then clicking the Message button that appears after that.

I will ping several SU Team members who may be able to help and they will probably need your email address to contact you, which leads me to suggest that you complete your user profile. It may be a good idea to include your contact email in that data as well. Here is a screenshot capture that shows the current state of your incomplete proflle:

You have not indicated which version of Windows you are using and despite your identifying “nVidia” as the manufacturer of your graphics adapter, you failed to provide the model number and the amount of available RAM involved. This information is often very useful in helping to figure out what the problem may actually be.

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