Problems with Sketchup Pro 2016 Activation

Reached out to Trimble Pro support for reactivation of my 2016 license as I am transferring the license from an old PC to a new one but unfortunately the re-activation on the new pc did not work. Trimble pro support has already reset activations on their end.

The loading page when I click on “Add License” on the 2016 Pro and entered all the necessary info, the “Add License” and all those words in blue cannot be triggered for the license to be added.


I understand that older versions of sketchup are no longer supported but activation should still be possible, no?

Is any one able to advise on any workarounds for this as Pro support is unable to offer any help other than reset activations.


I have same problem with SketchUp 2017.
Single and network licenses are not activated.