Registration of a classic 2016 pro problem- help

a while back i payed for a lifetime ! license of 2016 pro
i got the exe file and the activation codes
havent used it for few years and now got a new laptop and installed it as an admin after removing the license from the old laptop/skp.
i copy paste the codes on the add license lines and nothing happens.
i tried to do the same also by clicking the advance option (that is greyed out and only openes if i press shift while clicking and that it opens it in another dialog screen.
i got many payed programmes which i installed over and over every time i switch computeres (including p.s. from about the same year as my skp version and also installed it few time in the past with no problem every time i formatted my computer to make run better and cleaner) and never had any problem as i having with skp this time.
allready contacted support, but to be honest , i dont feel like they are really trying to help me solve the problem besides throwing me away to look for help my self in the forums.
i know that support time from them is over a while back, but if i buy a lifetime ! program that require a server registration, that should support that registration for a lifetime as well, and not bring/push/force me to buy a yearly plan for a later version of skp which i dont need.


we see your message. everyone does. no need to repeat it in various other threads.
it goes against basif forum rules, not just this one, any forum in the last 20 years.

it is currently 4am in colorado, I could ping @colin but he won’t see this for another 4-5h at best.

so wait. that’s all you can do on this one, I’m sorry.

thanks and sorry for the repetition, didn’t realise that thats how it shows up to other users, im not in many forums and if i am, than its mainly reading and not posting or responding to posts, this matter is very aggravating cause i’ve try to deal w it after looking for any possible solution on line (its not the first time that i’m reinstalling it on a new computer and never had any problem doing it ) and mainly for the feeling that the ‘help’ im getting from skp/trimble is very unhelpful so far (providing me with the registration numbers that i already got and forwarding me to search for help in the forums - where i see other users with the exact same problem that isn’t answered).

Keep in mind you did choose to give up official support about six years ago. Colin may be able to help you after he wakes up but you need to be patient.