Sketchup 2015 Crash at startup

I just built a brand new pc which should run any program especially sketchup without any issue.

I am using sketchup 2015 pro, and when I run the program it will work seemingly fine the first few tries. But after awhile it simply stalls out when I open a new file (whether I choose open a new sketchup and open - or - if I simply double click the file). It will always load the select template dialogue, but stalls out after that point. No bug splat. Just a non-responsive sketchup.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling sketchup - both 32 bit + 64 bit versions. Disabling hardware acceleration as well as fast feedback (and any combination of these things). My NVIDIA control panel for sketchup is set to allow application controlled anti-aliasing.

PC Specs -
Asus Hero Maximus VIII motherboard
EVGA GTX 980ti GPU - Most recent drivers
Intel i7-6700k processor
32 GB DDR4 Ram
Windows 10 - 64 bit

Any thoughts?

Is the model file on the local drive ? or a network drive ? or a cloud storage ?

The model is on a network drive, however the issue still occurs when I copy to a local drive. I have also tried the 3 drivers before for the GPU to no avail. My workaround so far has been to uninstall, reinstall 32bit sketchup until it decides to stop opening files. Then rinse and repeat

I did see the previous post.

I’d suggest try working only with local files. Then sync the modified files to the network copies with briefcase or some other utility.

And turn off “AutoSave” and manually save your work whenever you think it is worth it. (ie, it’d cost too much to redo the work. Like every 15 mins or after a major modeling operation.)

any (older) plugins resp. extensions installed?

any special template/style configured resp. does the issue occur with the default simple template too?

No plug-ins, no templates. Just plain sketchup.

install again over the existing program installation and lauch the setup routine as well as SketchUp (only once) via “Right Click > Run as Admin”.