SketchUp 2015 - Bug Splat on Opening


Having problems with SU 2015 opening after selecting a template.

Troubleshooting so far…uninstall/reinstall, updated graphics card drivers.

Any ideas??


PC or Mac? PM me the email on the crash, or write a comment so we’ll find it.


Looks like some sort of issue with the drivers for your NVidia video card - what model do you have?

Windows database, Crash report 51233


Same thing is happening to me. Any thoughts? I have done everything ddavison mentioned. Thanks.


Hi spgrst-

I can’t find your crash reports in the database - I’ll need to know the name or email address you put
in the report in order to investigate.

Also, since your issue may be different than ddavison’s, I encourage you to start a new thread so this one doesn’t get confused.



constraints that often occur, usually deletion registry so that the program crashes or other problems occurring in the program.
hope it is useful


Graphics card is Nvidia Quadro 4000


Go to and download and install the latest drivers for your card. I have the same card model at work and it has worked flawlessly with SketchUp (knock on wood…). If you have drivers from Microsoft or the manufacturer of your computer, I would recommend switching to the original Nvidia ones.

Are you running many SketchUp plugins?