Sketchup 17 won't run - it needs Hardware Acceleration

Up until a month ago, Ver:7 has been working perfectly.
Now I’m getting
“Hardware acceleration has been disabled…”
and wont proceed.
I rule out Windows Updates as I uninstalled recent ones.
Has anyone else had this probled?

Lenovo 64bit Laptop , Win10.

First go to the “?” website and download and install the newest driver for your “?” graphics card or integrated chip. If you let Windows manage your graphics card drivers, you cannot rule out that it is Windows that has messed things up.

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To find your graphics-card details open

Control Panel/All Control Panel Items/Device Manager

About 4 entries down the list there is 'Display Adaptors
This is your graphics-card…

e.g. It might say something like ‘NVIDIA GeForce GT 610
Note down the exact details.
Then you need to go to the NVIDIA web-site and download / update that specific driver…
Don’t rely on Windows to auto-update your GC-drivers !

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