Hardware acceleration not supported

Hi this is Ali. When I try to open the sketchup 20 software, I get the " Hardware Unsupported error". Please can anyone tell me is it possible to add gpu in my laptop? The laptop that I am using is Lenovo thinkpad, e590 , 8 gb ram , core i5, quadcore. The image below shows the built in graphic card specs of my laptop.

So please can anyone let me know if I can add the gpu seperately on my laptop? If yes then what should be the minium graphic card requirement to install te software easily ?

Your screenshot doesn’t identify the actual graphics card or chip type you have.
Whatever, the Microsoft driver you are running doesn’t support OpenGL.
After correctly identifying your adapter type you could try going to the Intel website and downloading and installing the latest available driver for your adapter directly from there. The specs page I found says it might be the UHD 620. That should be capable of running SketchUp, possibly with the “Fast feedback” option turned off (from the window menu>Preferences>OpenGL window)

Hi I performed sketchup checkup test on the software that is installed in my pc and this is the result which I got. So please can anyone read the report and let me know step by step as to how can I easily use the software ? Plus I have to use this laptop only and not in a condition to buy a new laptop or use any pc no matter how much built in graphics card my laptop has.
SketchUpLog.sulog (125.7 KB)

It sounds like from your earlier thread and this post that your computer’s graphics are just not capable of handling the graphic requirements of the software. If the hardware isn’t suitable for the requirements of the software and you can’t change the hardware, you’re kind of stuck.

Did you try what I suggested in your other thread? Please do not post multiple threads about a single problem.

I would guess that with the right driver from Intel it would work. If the internet has right, the computer has an Intel HD 620 chip, and I think many people are able to make simple models using it. There is now a generic Microsoft driver, and that is definitely not going to work.