SketchUp Pro 2019 Does not open. Hardware acceleration is unsupported

Hi I want to use sketchup and I get a hardware acceleration unsupported message.

When I use it for Home Designer it tells me that my video card does not meet minimum requirements. Just to give you an example.

This PC runs games well. Why would it not run sketchup?

Im using the AMD Radeon R7 Graphics + R7 200 Dual Graphics.

I updated the drivers.

somebody said to buy the GTX 1050 Ti. That one is more dedicated to the software.

Do I need to purchase the nvidia card?

See these resources;

SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements

• Download, install and run SketchUp Checkup
It’s a standalone application that tests your computer for compatibility issues with SketchUp.

PassMark Video Card Benchmark
Radeon R7 + R7 200 Dual is 6th from the bottom.

I doubt this, for 3D games of course.

the GTX 1050 Ti low-end graphics card available for ~150.- bucks is roughly 5 times faster than your recent one… to expensive? The 1050 non-Ti edition starts from ~110.- bucks.

Ok, which one do you recomend at a reasonable price.

All I want to do is design houses in Home Designer Architectural and create woodworking ideas in Sketchup.

Is this just a hobby?

Thank you very much.

I did all of that. I’ve attached a screenshot of the results.Sketchup%20Checkup%20Results

I’m gonna have to buy a new graphic card it seems.

Which one do you recommend, that is a reasonable price?

All I want to do is design houses in Home Designer and create woodworking projects on Sketchup.

Not so much for gaming.

It’s something that I want to eventually get into for business and other practical applications, but yes, this is just a hobby for now.

If you are planning to learn to use the software to use in your business, you should go ahead and invest in decent hardware and get going with SketchUp 2019.

Makes sense. Thank you.

Just wanna get a better idea of what that hardware consists of.

Any current computer with an Nvidia GTX10xx or 20XX graphics card will do better than what you have. Fast CPU is worth more than lots of cores (SketchUp only uses one core anyway.) and lots of RAM doesn’t hurt.

I was thinking of going with this one.

That would work if the rest of your computer is up to it.

I attached a pic of my device specs.


Is it simply taking out the old card, putting in this new one, and updating the drivers?


You can never have too much RAM.

Close, Go to THIS PAGE and download DDU ( its FREE ). Run the app Choose remove drivers and shut down. Remove the AMD Radeon driver. Install the new card. Also it would not hurt to go to the Nvidia site to get the latest driver they have prior to starting the process.

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Yeah, I saw that.

I think the guy who sold me this PC took out his good GPU and put in some old one he had lying around.

haha! I actually did that already trying to fix this issue with Home Designer.

Thank you very much. I will do that when I get my new card.

He might have taken out a decent GPU but it looks like he didn’t put in a different one. He just left you with the integrated graphics adapter.

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Integrated graphics adapter?

Is that the barebones stock option?

There is a graphics card in there. It cost like 90 bucks when I looked it up online. Are you saying that there isn’t a graphics card in there?

I just ordered the GTX 1050 Ti.

I haven’t seen the inside of your computer but if there’s something other than that lousy AMD Radeon R7 Graphics + R7 200 Dual Graphics that you reported at the beginning, it’ll be a graphics adapter that is integrated on the motherboard.