SketchUp Pro 2019 Does not open. Hardware acceleration is unsupported

I think the Radeon R7 is in there. I haven’t opened it ever to check.

I’d prefer MSI or Asus but Gigabyte is okie too.

The R7 graphics is built into your AMD cpu. -
Do you have am open PCIe graphics slot? Do you have the power supply able to run this graphics card? Is this a custom built PC or is it a name brand like HP or Dell?

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actually this is a dual-slot card, i.e. occupies the space of a second slot too.

The TDP of 75 Ws are delivered by the PCIe slot already, an additional connection to the PSU is therefore not required. A PSU from approx. 300 W should be capable to run this small power consumption flawlessly (TDP CPU: 95 W).

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Good to know, wasn’t sure. I had to upgrade the PS in my Dell to handle the 650 Ti I installed. I went with a 550 watt unit to handle it and anything else I might use later.

I thought this was a custom built PC, but I’m not sure anymore. I don’t see any logos on the case that’s what makes me think it’s custom.

I have an HDMI cable connected and I thought that was the graphics card I was connected to.

I’ve been looking at reviews and the GTX 1050 Ti doesn’t need power supply support. I think it draws 75W, if I’m not mistaken.

What are these two display adapters?


I see the Radeon R7 which is what I’m assuming the specs are for in that link you provided. But what about the R7 200 Dual Graphics? What is that?

No logos makes it seems like a custom unit to me and nothing wrong with a custom unit. SketchUp3D_de is probably correct in there being adequate power needs for a 1050Ti. Not sure about the dual graphics other than it might have been able to push 2 monitors with that R7 graphics. Have you opened the case to see if there is a PCIe graphics card installed? Open it up and take a pic for us.

Installed the GTX 1050. Worked flawlessly as far as I’m concerned.

The only issue is with the case fan. The cover of the case has a fan with a blue LED. I noticed that it was disconnected when I removed it. It was a 3 pin connector. I looked around the case and the only one I found was near the HDD. I have a really bad picture for now to show you:

The wires are covering them, but there are 3 pins there. It says “sys fan 3”, or something. I connected the cable here. The case fan does’t turn on anymore. Any tips on how to get this running again while I do my own search?


Radeon R7:

Power Supply:

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How does SU behave with this card?

Are you sure? Things often need to get up to temp before the fan cuts in.

I opened the case and connected the plug again. It’s a very loose connection. It works fine now.

Seems to work great.


Same with Home Designer.

Thank you all for your help. The Chief Architect guys couldn’t tell me that I needed a graphics card upgrade. I though the one I had should’ve been able to run it. Saves me time.


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