Graphics Card Hardware Acceleration Error (SU2019 w/ Nvidia GTX 1050Ti)

PLSS help me

The message indicates that the graphics card set up for SketchUp is not capable of meeting SketchUp’s requirements. Your profile indicates you have a GTX 1050i. If that’s correct for this computer, open the Nvidia control panel and make sure it is set to be the default for SketchUp.

I ran with the gtx 1050ti Card for a while and was kicked out and reported this error

What exactly does that mean? Did you do what I suggested? It’s not uncommon for automatic Windows updates to set the integrated GPU as the default. You may need to reset the GTX card as the default for SketchUp.

When I restarted my computer, I was still able to use Sketchup normally, but after a while I was kicked out. I have set GTX card settings for Sketchup

That’s not the Nvidia control panel you are showing. And SketchUp doesn’t use DirectX so those settings are immaterial.

Please do what I suggested. Open the Nvidia Control Panel and make sure it is set to be used by SketchUp.

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OK. So now do a cold reboot of the computer and see what happens when you open SketchUp.

Which version of SketchUp 2019 are you running? Did you install it correctly by right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator?

When I restarted my computer, I was still able to use Sketchup normally, but after a while I was kicked out.

The two little people in the lower right make me wonder if you are using RDP, or something like that. If you are, make sure you have SketchUp running before connecting to the machine.

I did everything but could not fix it :frowning:

Are you using RDP as Colin asked?

I cannot use RDP

The 2 little people on the taskbar (lower right) are a shortcut to contacts, controlled by task bar settings.

The latest nvidia driver is 431.60, are you using it? If not get it from the nvidia website

I use it but still can’t

I’ve used nvidia driver 431.60

RDP is Microsoft’s built in way of doing things, and it does need Windows 10 Pro. The main question was whether you are remoting into the computer or using just locally, and you have nobody screen sharing?

I have found some pages that show the icon I’m curious about, but I didn’t figure out what it does yet. What is this icon?:


Thanks. In my Windows 10 I don’t have that app, just People, and that task bar icon looks like this: