Sketchup 17 Printer Dialog - All input preferences gone!

I am on ver. 17 installed on Win Pro 10 64bit. When I go to print something all of the default inputs for printing are blank.

Has anyone else had this issue?



I asked someone to take a look at this.
Would you mind sharing your hardware/OS specs? Print is working fine on a Mac, but I haven’t tested it on Windows. What graphics cards are you using?

So just an update. The users print dialog came back randomly, so that is great news.

The system is a custom job.

Asus X99-E-10G WS motherboard
Plextor M8Pe 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD system drive
32GB of RAM Corsair Dominator Platinum Series
EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW DT GAMING ACX 3.0, 8GB GDDR5X video card
Windows 10 Pro


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Great! Sometimes things just need to be turned on and off again. A bit like how naps make everything better!
Let us know if it happens again to you. And thanks for sharing that with us, it’s helpful in case it happens to someone else.

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