Sketchup 16 invalid length entered

Hi All, I cannot get the desired line length and or rectangular dimensions.

There is an error “invalid length entered” I cannot even move the selected items to a specific point.

Is there anything you can suggest?


The first suggestion would be that you provide specific examples. Exactly what are you doing? How are you entering the length or dimensions? What exactly are you entering?

What did you enter for the rectangle and how?

After clicking the first corner endpoint type:
3m , 6m and hit [Enter]
3m ; 6m and hit [Enter]

One or the other will create a rectangle 3m x 6m (as an example here)

Hello. You’re most probably using a non-English keyboard layout. Change to English and try again. Use the comma for separating width and height and fullstop for a decimal separator. The “invalid length entered” tip comes when you’re using the commas and fullstops from another input method.

Wow thanks for all the fast responses. Example if I draw a square of 1m X 1m it will give me a rectangle of 1m wide and the length will be something like 14880m. The keyboard is English. I have the same program loaded at the office and everything works perfectly there. I have some homework to do and I am really not getting through things.

Hi, Ok the semi colon gives me the correct sizes. thanx

Thanks for the help. I have to use commas instead of full stops. My machine at work is different.

What is your home-keybord set up as ?
Wouldn’t it be logical to have it set as your work-keyboard ?

Why put yourself though mental hoops.
If ,/, work for you at work why compromise on foe ,/; at home ??

Your profile says you have v2016 Make.
If you are doing any ‘work’ related stuff at ‘home’ then you might want to discuss this with your employers…
Make is for non-commercial use only…