How to make a rectangle in inches with SWE keyboard

I cannot make a rectangle.
I write like this.

16’;16’ [ENTER] Works for feet.
16";16" [ENTER] Don’t work, for Inches. It does not register me pressing enter after I write 16";16"
Nothing happens…

I tried to use , and . instead of ; but it just becomes random sizes or does not work…

How do I make a simple 16x16 inch rectangle??
I use a Swedish keyboard.

What is your default unit of measure? If it is inches, you should be able to just type 16,16 [ENTER].

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I think it’s architecture Feet I’m using

What happens when you type it as I have shown in my previous message? Without any symbols, just 16,16 [ENTER].

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Try changing it to Fractional inches. what happens then?

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16;16 enter makes a rectangle measured 1’ 4" x 1’ 4"
16,16 enter makes a weird rectangle 16’ 5 5/16" x ~1’ 4" 3/16"

16 inches is 1’ 4". (12 + 4 = 16) Looks like you need to use the semi colon. If you want it to show as 16 inches, you need to select units that display inches. Fractional Inches or decimal Inches.


Hahaha ok! Then everything is fine! I just don’t know the American system.

I’m following a guide and therefore I also use the system used in guide.

Thanks a lot for the help everyone!
Also thanks for the tip about Fractional Inches! :slight_smile:


And this is presumably because of your Swedish keyboard: the , symbol is recognized as a decimal separator, not as a comma like on my English USA keyboard.

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And be very careful if your model units are set to any metric unit - m, cm or mm.

SU gets extremely confused if you input a mixture of feet, inches and fractions. See this post for details.

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Unless you are American you could safe yourself the trouble and use metric units. Just an idea :stuck_out_tongue: .

The comma IS the decimal separator in very large parts of the world.


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