Can someone please help me set the dimensions in SketchUp Make



My name is Steve and I recently started to use SketchUp Make.

I am getting frustrated while trying to set up a simple 2x4 wall frame for a small project I have. I am trying to model a 2x4 and cannot get it to snap to the proper dimensions.

In the dimension box I can’t input any numbers or when I drag the rectangle tool to make one at the dimension I want, 8’, the box never ends on a whole number, always too short of too long. It isn’t easy to stop at a whole number either.

The videos and other reference materials don’t seem to have this problem. Do you know what I am doing wrong or does this version not support inputting the dimensions?



Start a rectangle, take your hand off the mouse, type <96,1,5> press enter. report what happens.

Edit: entry above should be 96,1.5.


Steve, check your private messages.


Following what Shep says should work (don’t type the <> characters). The most common mistake people make is to mouse-click into the dimensions field, don’t do that, just draw the object and type the characters.


A bit of a visual for you.


Cool keyboard inclusion!! I would have never thought of it and it comes as an option if you are running WIN7. At least in Home/Premium and up, I have the Pro upgrade for 2 years now. As it adds a bit more functionality and visuals cue’s to your famous .gif examples. COOL addition and work …Peace…


I get a face 96" long and 1" wide.


Shep is using a non-American English keyboard setup. Try 96,1.5


Too bad, I was hoping that I had missed being able to produce a 3D shape using {blue, red, green}.


There might be a plugin that draws a box from three measurements, but strangely enough the rectangle tool only draws rectangles :wink:


No, I’m afraid that’s just an American typo.
Sorry folks, I’ll bump up the caffeine.



I did think it was possible too, but in the meantime you can make a rectangle, type its width, its height Enter, then use the push pull tool, pull the face up by any amount, and type its height Enter.


Yes, I know. My problems are knowing which way the rectangle will be formed and being able to produce a rectangle in the Blue direction without Orbiting a lot.


It shouldn’t take much orbiting if any. You can also choose a standard view that makes orientation of the rectangle automatic.


Thanks for that! Never gave Camera Views a thought. Front works great!


It worked! Thanks for all your help. It takes time to get used to not clicking on the dimension box to enter the length and width.

I have some tutorials to look at now to see if I can get the rest before I ask for help again. I do appreciate the time you all lent me.



It’ll come soon enough. :wink: