Sketchucation plugin store popup

new installation on new computer pops up Sketchucation popup store every time I open SU or click new. Why? I have not run into this previously. I have to close it b4 I can proceed.

Nothing related to SketchUcation can pop up unless you have the SketchUcation plugin installed. If you have you could try to uninstall it.

Is this picture what you see?

This one belongs to LibFredo6

Posting a screenshot of the popup would help solve the issue.
If it’s Fredo’s then you can change the interval of the small Ruby image button popup.
I think it defaults to monthly ?
Change to Next Check in 365 Days to only check once a year ?
When you click it, it reports on Fredo’s extensions’ status, and if newer versions are available to install…

But if the dialog is actually from the SketchUcation ExtensionStore why have you not posted on that forum ?
Is it asking you for a one time log-in to the PluginStore ?
You need to add your SCF Username and Password.
Once you and your computer is properly linked to the SCF server, you should never be asked again…

Or perhaps you have not installed that extension properly ?
How did you do it ? Using the native Install Extension button in the manager ?
What’s in your Plugins folder ?

Your profile says v2015 but are you reporting this for v2017 ?

When you installed SketchUp did you do it correctly.
Many weird things can happen otherwise.
The correct [and only proper] way to install is this…

  • Close SketchUp.
  • Find the SketchUp installer’s exe file.
  • It likely to be in your Downloads folder.
  • Select its icon.
  • Right-click > Context-Menu
  • “Run as administrator”
  • When prompted choose “Repair”.
    Restart SketchUp and report back…

Being the admin or double-clicking on the icon is not the same thing !

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sorry, I know better…

Maximize the window and log in as TIG said.

Also this SketchUcation Tools Extension was recast as the “SketchUcation ExtensionStore³” for its main dialog, some considerable time ago.
It’s now at v3.1[.3]…
Here’s a download link for its current RBZ.
Get it and install it, restart SketchUp and see what happens…

I don’t know why the initial login dialog starts incorrectly sized ?
Is it re-sizeable ?

All of this limited info suggests to me that you copied a collection of older Plugins from one computer [or SketchUp version] without having full regard of their currency or even compatibility.
Therefore I suggest you review all of your installed plugins/extensions on this computer or version, and get the latest extensions’ versions and install them.


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