ExtensionStore 3.0

Why does the panel below show up every time I open a file? Is there something I can do to stop it? It’s bit annoying.

You should probably ask at SketchUcation as it’s their Store…

@TIG is around here as well, but it has it’s own thread over there…


Thanks, John!!

Because it opens when I’m using Sketchup, it didn’t occur to me that it might be something from SketchUcation.

Have you tried signing in ?
That’s what you are being asked !

It’s usually a one time only requirement.

Use your SketchUcation membership name and password.

Once you have done it, then you should never get prompted again ?

Thanks, TIG!!!

I just signed in and visited the store page. The nag screen has gone away!

Sounds of hands clapping in roaring applause!!

If you don’t care for the tracking information sent to SketchUcation, you could also have disabled the extension from the Window > Preferences > Extensions dialog until you want to use it.