Need Help Lost my extensions and Sketchucation

I am running Sketchup Pro since 2019 without any problems. I had Error Message in Sketchucation last year when I asked for help in Sketchucation Forum my problems started. I renewed my Studio Licences and Sketchucation Premium Licence in February the problem is still there and presently I canot run my extension.
Running Sketchup and Vray without extensions is a looser! I need help from a PRO not a Member

Since you aren’t willing to accept help from anyone else, you should contact Customer Support directly at Contact Support | SketchUp Help

And as the problem seems to be with Sketchucation extensions your should post your questions there.

Beware of this forum - everyone who posts here is a member.

I did send my request to Sketchucation, I received a memo asking removing Sketchucation file and rb’s without success.
Followed instructions and since then I could open the Sketchucation request but cannot log in. I was even logged out of Sktechup an had to renew all my passwords.
A real nightmare for the last 3 weeks. I finally got my sketchup Studio running and lost 75% of my extensions and all my paid extensions. Should I take the chance uninstall Sketchup totally and reboot over? Should I also uninstall all my previous Sketchup 2019/20/21/22 flush all out! Presently the whole thing isn’t working.
Last year I asked help to the helpdesk and it took 2 months to get back in service.
I need a walkthrough to clear the problem. I have an excel file with all my plugins listings (350) which one should be removed. I also have my running extension listings 20/21/22
What would you do? Help Desk is a ROBOT no NAMES No personnel !

You’ve already indicated you won’t accept help from “members” here so I guess there’s no point in my offering to help you. I’ll wish you good luck and leave you to it.

Better be Dave You are the Member whom flushed my request last October saying it was not a Sketchup request.
Usually I do’nt go public when I have big problems. I like being discrete.
I was in Service representation for 15 years and know where my priorities should be!

Doing some detective work over at SketchUcation I see that you [Julian1 Calderisi] have not visited the forums for 3 years and never posted in any threads… Different email address too.
A “Julien 2” joined just over a year ago, another email address, but mentions Canada again…

Did you exchange details by email ? I think I exchanged with you [Julien ?] some months ago… last year…
You had a very convoluted issue relating to your whole Windows 10 set up, installation of SketchUp, extension installation etc…

Did you try the Run as administrator > Repair - permission fixes, etc etc…
I suspect you are muddling up different user-accounts, email addresses, SCF-member-names and all sorts regarding licensing etc…
Making a mess for yourself.

After some more digging I seen you as Julien 2 did post about the issue at SketchUcation, and both I and DaveR replied at length there, towards the end of 2021…
You had a myriad of unusual complex problems…

Have you fixed your Win10 installation ?
Have you got any versions of SketchUp working - correctly installed ?
Have you installed the latest SketchUcation Toolset [v4.2.5] which has the latest licensing code ?
Have you got the latest versions of Fredo’s extensions and the related Lib Fredo, and any emailed SCF-license codes needed to validate them ?

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TIG, The problem is here again! I can run Sketchup but can’t get in Sketchucation “PASSWORD problem” could we discuss in regular e-mail?

There are ways to reset things automatically by using the link-buttons in the SCF login dialog, where you give your name and email - then an automated email gives you a temporary login that lets you reset your password etc - but if this won’t work for you [as I suspect]…
Then if you email me, over at, with your SCF member-name [Julien 2 ?] and correct linked email address I’ll pass it on to the IT dept.
They will reset to a temporary password and email it to you.
You should then be able to login to SketchUcation.
There is no direct access to your passwords…

Thank You Tig, I managed to reset my password for sketchucation but now I hace load errors on Startup.
I am trying to find how to setup preferences on plugins. I never had previous problems by copying from previous From Version 2019till 2021 but I don’t know how to fix this one. I feel like doing like my old man was saying " If your horse doesn’t want to work Shoot-it and make “Ungarian Goulash” but ain’t work with a PC" Should I erase the whole thing and start over with a plain directory C: users/ Sketchup 2022/

It’s never been advised to copy extensions. They frequently have updates to work with newer SketchUp versions that require fresh installs. Some extensions require proper installation to get files into the right locations. Look at the load errors to see what extensions are failing. Then use the Sketchucation tool (Make sure you have the latest version of that installed) or the Extension Warehouse to install fresh copies of those extensions.

MAke sure you installed SketchUp 2022 correctly. That requires right clicking on the downloaded installer and choosing Run as administrator. If you didn’t do that before, do it now and when presented with the option, choose Repair.

The User/AppData/…/SketchUp 2022 directory gets created automatically. You could delete the Plugins folder there and start from scratch properly installing the extensions.

If you used the Sketchucation ExtensionStore to install extensions from Sketchucation, you should install that tool first and then use it to install fresh copies of your extension bundle. It won’t install extensions from the SketchUp Extension Warehouse but it will get your extensions from Sketchucation.