Can't get sketchucation on to 2023 version of Sketchup

Since downloading 2023 version i dont seem to nbe able to get sketchucation extension to work. It is in my folders on the new programme and when i try to go to the Ruby file and open it it only opens in the 2022 version not 2023? Any ideas what im doing wrong here?

Did you install the current version of the extension? How did you install it? Did you restart SketchUp after installing the extension?

I havnt done this Dave - re installing the extension i go to my extention manager and click on sketchucation it says it is enabled? Sketchup 2023 this is. And it does not appear in my list of extensions on drop down menu or tool bar?
is this what you mean?

Did you download a fresh copy of the Sketchucation tool and install that in SketchUp 2023?

Also, when you installed SketchUp did you do it the proper way ?
Find the 2023 installer’s exe file in your Downloads folder.
Select its icon and right-click > context-menu > Run as administrator.
When prompted choose ‘Repair’.
This will ensure that all files and folders related to the installation have the right permissions.
Double-clicking an exe installer file to ‘Run’ it is not the same thing, even if you have admin powers…

Thank you