Sketchucation Issue

Has anyone experienced any issues with Sketchucation recently? The past few times I have visited the site I get a “fake virus” popup that locks up my entire browser and makes a god awful buzzer sound. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

I didn’t and I think that popup probably comes from somewhere else.
When the popup appears? is it random?

I haven’t seen that nor have I seen any other reports of it. Perhaps clean your caches and check for malware. Sketchucation isn’t doing anything that would create those events you’re seeing.

Its been happening consistently when I visit Sketchucation

I disabled all my extensions to keep me away from ads and trackers.
Nothing happened navigating through the website, login works, menu works, forum works, no popups.

It seems like a malware in your browser or computer, I recommend malwarebytes and ccleaner to check it.

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