SketchUcation website


Is it just me or in the SketchUcation forums website down?


Must be you. It’s working for me.


Ok for me.


Starting last evening, I first got this message

Since then, I just get this message Error 503 : Service Temporarily Unavailable. I get this on two different computers.


Clear caches?


Fine for me too…
Try clearing your browser’s cache.

But to me it looks like YOUR own IP address has been tainted - not SCF’s ??



I got black listed by SCF a few years back when I wrote a plugin that scraped the site to download some stuff I wanted…

thought I was a malicious robot…

I contacted Rich and he white listed my IP address…

I also got black listed at other sites when my ISP decided to monitor my usage and diverted all my traffic through their security office…

it’s IP address had a ‘bad’ rep and it was only after I found a physical address [proving it was them] that they conceded to desist from their illegal behaviour…

may be worth contacting Bright House Networks LLC and see what they have to say…



Thanks for the info John. Not sure how I get to Rich since I seem to be blocked on all SketchUcation sites.

As I recall I was attempting to reply to a PM from pilou. If there was a php command in the file, it came from him.


I’ll PM an email address for Rich…



Thanks @john_drivenupthewall , saves me doing it…


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