SketchUcation is not responding

Help! It is my first time signing up for SketchUcation. Troubleshooter found out that the website is online but isn’t responding. I need advice on how to fix this?

What do you mean it isn’t responding? What are you trying to do on the Sketchucation site? I’ve got it open in another tab and I’m not having any problems with it.

Yes, I myself just signed in without any issue whatsoever.

When I tried clicking the sign up tab it says this site can’t be reached.

I just signed, clicked the button to register and got this.

Clicked the Sign Up Here button and got this:

The site seems to be working.

Perhaps your browser or a firewall is blocking the site?

Did you sort out the problem?

FWIW, there’ve been more than 250 people who have managed to sign up at Sketchucation so far today. I have to believe the site is working fine and as Steve suggests, it’s your browser or a firewall blocking you.

Im still trying to fix it. Maybe its my firewall. Im not really that techy.

Try a different browser.

See if you can sign in to Sketchucation now. Apparently there was a server problem that affected users in some locations. It should be fixed now, though.

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