down? plugin license pending. (clothworks)

Hi everybody.

I have a bit of an emergency. I need to get my hands on a license of CLOTHWORKS

I bought it 2 days ago on

and paid with paypal - but the email never arrived and now is completely down. through the browser as well as through their plugin.

Does someone know if they are coming back?

And might someone sell me a license or a third of his/her license?

Your help is very much appreciated - thank you!

Sketchucation is indeed down at the moment. I expect there’s a server problem that is being worked on.

Do you have Sketchucation Tools installed?

I doubt that buying a license from someone else will help you out.

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Yes, the sketchucation tools are installed.

As far as I understand, the license is “just” a file with a specific code, that needs to be dropped in the license folder - and is able to license up to 3 users (I think they call it “seats”)

I would delete the file as soon as my own license arrives.

1 user, up to 3 computers.

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maybe @Anton_S knows a way to help?


Thank you! I was looking for him - impressive developer… I hope he can help!

Sketchucation is back on line now.

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Thank you for letting me know - but still no license in my inbox… (nor in the spam)

Hopefully Anton will see your thread here but you should also post in the Clothworks thread on SCF.

Are you still using SketchUp 2017 Make as indicated in your profile?

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thank you. yes I use 2017 make - I really don’t like yearly subscription fees…

Well, since it’s just your hobby, that’s OK.

Did you post in that thread I linked to?

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I did - hope to hear from Anton soon - thanks for your advice

You should be all set now.

He did! Thank you Anton_S! Works great!

Thank you Cotty for your guidance!

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