License server down?

Hi is the license server down?
Our company’s machine gives the “cannot connect to SketchUp license server” error when launching Sketchup Pro 2021 and IT is trying to reach out to SketchUp support, is anyone else having the same issue?

edit: shows “Web Site Not Found”?


According to the Status site everything is working.

Mine is down also, trying with a perpetual ‘classic’ license and getting the same issue.

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but is that website updated manually tho, since it’s still after hour?

Same problem with classic license

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I have been trying to remove the Classic Sketchup license from my old machine as I will not be using that laptop anymore and I have been receiving the following message for the past 3 hours on every attempt:h

“SketchUp can’t reach the network license server.”

Has anyone had a similar issue and managed to address it and remove the license successfully?

I have the same problem, I’ve been all day and the same thing always comes out and I can’t register my licenses

I see the same problem when attempting to remove a 2021 license.

I will alert the authorities…

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Williams College is also not able to reach the Sketchup Network Cloud License Server. How do we get this to the right technical folks? Clearly they don’t know their license server is down.


  • Lynna

The right team is currently looking at the problem. The issue appears to involve a third party, who also know about the problem.

Thank you for the response! Any more you can share?
Is it affecting only classic license or subscription too? Is it a regional network thing or global?

Don’t know. I’m not involved in the main conversation, and haven’t seen any updates for 10 minutes.

understandable…just many people will have a deadline this morning…
thnx anyway!

I have a classic license, I think it’s a global problem, I’m in Europe

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Interestingly… the SketchUp status page lists no issues with the licensing service. That may be correct from the SketchUp team’s perspective … “third party” and all … but it isn’t accurate from your customer’s perspective.

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If the license is registered, there are no problems, but if the license is to be registered or deleted, there are inconveniences.

Hi edwin49, do you mind sharing if you have a subscription or classic license, are you using Pro?

classic license, yes Pro

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problem solved for me… check if it works for you

Yes, things seem to be ok again, I could remove and add back in a classic license.