Link in SketchUp Newsletter led to Scam Popup

Link in Sketchup Newsletter appears hijacked: led to “1-888-944-5714” virus alert scam: 2016 Issue 7, The D’oh! Book for SketchUp:


I found what appears to be a safe link on the website:

(downloaded on my iPhone just in case)

That’s odd… I just tried your link and it took me to SketchUcation’s registration page without issue.

I went back to the original email, too. I clicked through every link and was not able to get myself hijacked.

Is anyone else seeing an issue?

Probably something else I was doing at the same time (I typically have 4 tabs open at once, old PC with Windows 10 & Edge browser. Sorry for the panicky post if no-one else is seeing this. I’ve gotten somewhat paranoid about ransomeware to the point of using my phone as a hotspot instead of using public access WiFi.

I think it’s a false positive.
That link opens the correct page to the SketchUcation “d’oh book” just fine…
Although having a link starting to.sketchup…. does seems somewhat suspect to a casual observer, let alone an over zealous virus catcher !
Mine [Avast] didn’t block it…
What’s your virus-app ?

I used to use Norton 360 & Spybot when I was running Windows 7 & Internet Explorer, but since upgrade to Windows 10 in Feb. 2016 & using mostly Edge browser (with IE & Chrome when Edge doesn’t work) I’ve just been running Windows Defender (daily) due to compatibility issues at that time: may be time now to see if those have been resolved. I’m hoping I just got re-directed to a phishing site somehow & don’t really have a virus since I didn’t download anything suspect & the pop-up hasn’t reappeared after closing the browser using Task Manager & re-booting, but don’t really understand so am still worried.